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A Few Tricks Up the Record Sleeve

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The two simple tricks to building an impressive, eclectic music collection: buy Old music and buy Imported music.
  • Insiders Tips: If you're buying a Jazz album recorded before 1962 opt for the mono edition if you can find it. Mono recordings remain truest to the original studio recordings, before stereo became the standard medium.

Buying old is easy, we've lived in an age of recorded music for over seventy years and there is plenty of quality stuff to choose from. Most people limit their choices to music from the last thirty years, and because modern album releases are media events, their choices revolve around the promotions of the time. But the great artists of the 40's, 50's, and 60's never had publicists like artists today, and they'll never need them.

A classic tip for buying old: keep it as close to home as possible. Don't go for the "newly remixed and re-mastered" discs—they are usually stripped of the subtleties that keep them authentic.


Imports expose you to international artists who you may not have heard of otherwise, but are massively popular on some other side of the world. With a dozen imported discs in your collection you instantly become a 'global listener', even though you only spent an hour browsing through the most eye-catching covers in the section of your local music shop. The best finds are imported versions of American albums, which often come with bonus tracks or b-sides that are unavailable on the American release.



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