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EDWIN BODNEY AND FISH MOGES Edwin Bodney is a Los Angeles native and nationally recognized poet. He has performed for colleges throughout California including UCLA and USC. He has taught for the organization Say Word LA, serving the community as a youth mentor in various high schools and poetry programs. He is a current host and curator of one of the largest and longest running poetry venues in the nation, Da Poetry Lounge. Bodney’s new book, A Study of Hands, opens a window into his experience of abusive relationships with some of the men in his life. It is set to be released this November by Not A Cult Press.

When Edwin isn’t writing or performing, he is designing clothing for various clients. He currently resides in his hometown of Los Angeles with his cat, Myko.

His partner for this episode is, Fish Moges. A two-time National Poetry Slam finalist, Fish’s work has taken him to both coasts. Most recently he performed with pianist Dennis Hamm and producer Terrence Martin at the famed Blue Whale. A full time graduate student, he also volunteers at the nation’s largest weekly open mic, Da Poetry Lounge.