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LLOYD Lloyd Polite, Jr. has always been an old soul in a youthful body, studying and making timeless sounds by studying the greats and then putting his own mark on the music world. His voice has graced Top 20 classics like “Get It Shawty,” “You” (featuring ‪Lil Wayne‬) and Young Money’s “Bedrock,” and after a break from recording, he’s back with the most authentic music of an already-acclaimed career.‬‬

With the help of Grammy Award-winning producers J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (who have collaborated with the likes of Mary J. Blige, ‪Rick Ross‬, Drake, ‪Lil Wayne‬ and ‪DJ Khaled‬, to name a few), Lloyd’s single “Tru” addresses his absence over the years with an honest and unflinching look at what he’s been through the past few years.‬‬‬‬‬‬

Listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear about tough challenge after tough challenge that he’s faced, many of which are deeply relatable to real people, such as helping his sister raise a child, losing a baby of his own, taking care of his mother and maneuvering out and back into pursuing his passions on his own terms, which included going back to finish school.

“This is me so please accept me for who I am,” rings the chorus. “And please accept me for what I do/I’m just doing everything that I can/’Cause all I wanna be is true.”

“A lot of people are scripted, they’re well-rehearsed in the sense of being able to hide themselves with gimmicks. I call them gimmicks because they don’t allow you to see the truth — or the weakness,” he explains.

“My name is what I record under; it’s not Sir L Dog,” he laughs about one easy fact that keeps him honest when he writes songs. “It’s just Lloyd, the name my family calls me when they call me on the phone. It’s on my birth certificate. I get pulled over by the police, they’re gonna say, ‘Oh, you’re Lloyd!’ I am always myself; even when I record, I’m myself. For a while, I didn’t want to make anything that wasn’t greater than me. I wanted to make something that was a reflection of me, sure, but also something that tied into something bigger, because I didn’t want to be selfish with it.”

Thankfully, fans are responding to Lloyd’s heart and accepting him for who he is: “Tru” has racked more than five million streams and has sold more than 25,000 singles. As he says on the song, he’s had to “find a new approach to an old dream,” but it’s opened the floodgates to a new and more meaningful type of music making for his forthcoming EP. After working with companies like Murder Inc. (later The Inc.), Def Jam and Interscope, it’s a significant time to take all of his veteran industry knowledge and apply it to his own ventures with EMPIRE Distribution, where the sky’s the limit.